The 21st Century Learning Conference is an annual event in Hong Kong where teachers, staff, and school leaders come together to learn, share and discuss current & emerging topics in education with thought leaders, technology, and learning experts, and their peers. With over 650 attendees from 33 countries, it is the event of choice for a diverse international audience. The event blends together inspirational keynotes, practitioner-led workshop sessions, and fun networking opportunities.
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Dana Specker Watts

21st Century Learning International
Director of Innovation
Hong Kong
As the Director of Innovation for 21st Century Learning, Dana Specker Watts collaborates on all aspects of 21st Century Learning from online courses, workshops and conferences with a view to providing support for schools for sustainable change. Dana is currently a Curriculum Leader at Hong Kong International School. While a tech coach at the American Embassy School in New Delhi, Dana lead the rollout of the region's first  1:1 iPad program with an integrated Digital Citizenship Camp. She later designed and facilitated the first iPad Summit conference in India.  Currently a doctoral candidate through the CASTLE program at the University of Kentucky; Dana is also the author of,  iPads for Learning (available for free at iBooks store), an online instructor for SUNY Buffalo and the University of Kentucky, and works as a consultant for international schools. Dana spends her free time doing research on the implementation of professional development within the international school community and empowering teacher leaders. On sunny days, you will find Dana hiking the mountains of Hong Kong with her three children.
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