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Tiberiu DragoiuLuca

German European School Singapore
Physics/Math teacher
I have been teaching Physics and Mathematics for 20 years in Romania, USA, Philippines, and Singapore. I was exposed and learned different curricula, National Science Standards, College Board AP, IGCSE, IBDP, A/AS-levels. In all educational systems, the majority of time is spent teaching physics topics discovered before the 1900s. We do very little on quantum physics, atomic and nuclear physics, elementary particles. The physics students are missing some of the remarkable, contemporary physics developments that are happening at major research centers around the world. The IMChoPP is meant to close a little bit of this gap by allowing and expose high school students to experimental data released by the LHC at CERN: ALICE-Virtual Machine, CMS-iSpy, ATLAS-Hypatia, LHCb, MINERvA, are some of the specific acronyms I will elaborate on during the presentation. Furthermore, progress in educational technology tools facilitates collaboration among students all over the world.