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Renee Boey

Baker & Bloom Education Center
Founder and Educational Director
In 2014, Renée founded Baker & Bloom, a K-12 education learning center that fosters creative literacy through a variety of classes that range from media literacy to design thinking and STEM. Baker & Bloom empowers students to flourish in a fast-changing world and has prepared for top boarding schools and universities in the US and UK.

Renée is an active advisor for the CoCoon Foundation, a Section 88 charity that promotes entrepreneurship education. She helped to design the curriculum for CoCoon Foundation’s HK Jockey Club Cocoon Student Training in Entrepreneurship Program (STEP) that currently runs in 34 secondary schools and has reached over 5,500 students. Renée is also a board director of the Harvard Club of Hong Kong, and for the past 4 years, she has co-chaired the Harvard Book Prize & Scholarship committee that engages more than 240 secondary schools.

As an educator, Renée has experience teaching in and advising a variety of schools. She has a passion for innovation in education and cultivating social entrepreneurs. She has received ongoing professional development from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Project Zero, and the IBO.

Renée has a BA (Honors) in English from Harvard University, an MPhil in Medieval and Renaissance Literature from Cambridge University, an MFA in Writing from the University of San Francisco.