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Nooraine Fazal

Inventure Academy
Founding Managing Trustee & CEO
Bangalore, India
Educationist, pro-active citizen, social entrepreneur, sports person and corporate executive, Nooraine Fazal is a multi-faceted individual, who is actively involved in a multitude of initiatives across the city.
With a broad range of experience overseas and in India, Nooraine has an informed world-view and global perspective, while keeping the future and welfare of India at the core of her work, interests and actions.
After 12 years overseas (across London, UAE, Sydney, Hong Kong and New York) as a student, corporate professional and entrepreneur, Nooraine returned to India in 2003 to establish world-class educational institutions, which would function as catalysts for the social and economic development of India. In 2005, she co-founded Inventure Academy, a Pre-K – Grade 12 School situated on Whitefield Sarjapur Road, Bangalore. Inventure Academy is currently ranked among the top five day schools in the country.
The vision and core purpose of Inventure Academy encapsulates Nooraine’s beliefs about what is important in education and how these ideals can be translated into action for the future growth of India. Nooraine believes that individuality is to be celebrated, not discouraged; everyone is capable of being a life-long learner and employing the skills and knowledge they have acquired; everyone has the potential to achieve their life’s ambition – beliefs that translate into the core values at Inventure Academy.
Her belief that it’s both desirable and possible to achieve positive change in India by engaging educated youth and the middle class in the Indian political process motivated her to support the India Against Corruption (IAC) movement and join the Bangalore Political Action Committee (B.PAC).
Her aspiration is to impact positive change at scale by empowering Indian citizens with the right kind of education aimed at building a progressive, secular and inclusive nation confident of its standing globally. Inventure towards this including - Our Voice, Change Maker, Model Youth Parliament,