The 21st Century Learning Conference is an annual event in Hong Kong where teachers, staff, and school leaders come together to learn, share and discuss current & emerging topics in education with thought leaders, technology, and learning experts, and their peers. With over 650 attendees from 33 countries, it is the event of choice for a diverse international audience. The event blends together inspirational keynotes, practitioner-led workshop sessions, and fun networking opportunities.

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Pre-Conference Workshop [clear filter]
Thursday, March 7


An Introduction to Positive Education (FREE EVENT - REGISTRATION REQUIRED)
This workshop is for any school leaders or educators interested in placing wellbeing at the heart of education.Positive Education acknowledges that for a school to be at its best, the wellbeing of students and the community must be optimised. To help nurture a flourishing community, Positive Education draws on a broad range of human and life sciences including positive, cognitive, social, behavioural, and educational psychologies as well as neuroscience and behavioural economics.

Drawing upon existing frameworks and from successes observed in the fields of Social Emotional Learning, mental health prevention, and health promotion, adapted to meet the goals of Positive Education, the Geelong Grammar School Model for Positive Education proposes four interconnecting, cyclical processes; Learn it, Live it, Teach it, Embed it  to help place wellbeing at the heart of a schoolIt is critical to recognise that each process should be considered relative to each organisation’s unique context and culture.

This comprehensive one-day workshop gives an overview of the principles of Positive Education and how it can help school communities to flourish. Drawing on Geelong Grammar School’s experience of implementing a whole-school approach, and that of hundreds of other schools that the Institute of Positive Education has trained worldwide, this course explores the benefits of Positive Education, the underlying research that guides teaching practice and the GGS Model for Positive Education. Delegates will have the opportunity to experience a range of wellbeing activities and interventions drawn from Geelong Grammar’s School’s world-leading Positive Education programme and reflect on how the concepts could be taught and embedded in their own school context.

avatar for Justin	Robinson

Justin Robinson

Director of the Institute of Positive Education (IPE), Geelong Grammar School
I am passionate about nurturing student and staff wellbeing and enabling schools to become flourishing communities. For the past ten years, our team at Geelong Grammar School have been implementing and sustaining Positive Education. For the past years, our Institute has been supporting... Read More →

Thursday March 7, 2019 9:00am - 4:00pm


Collaborative Professionalism (TICKETED EVENT)
Exploring how to design effective innovation strategies, this workshop is focused on the needs of school leaders, aspirational leaders, Board Members, and other change agents in K12 schools.

Collaboration is the latest direction for educational innovation and improvement and so called Professional Collaboration has been demonstrated to boost student achievement. It increases teacher motivation and retention. It also enhances the implementation of innovation and change. The big questions are no longer about whether educators should collaborate but about how and how well they should collaborate.

Based on current research from Andy’s forthcoming book, participants will be led through case studies of schools that have designed and implemented innovative programs as well as exploring new ways to collaborate. How do schools design professional interaction so that teachers can give and get rigorous feedback on each others’ teaching? How do they plan innovative curriculum together face-to-face and online? How do teachers inquire into their own practice together every day? And how do colleagues collaborate with students as well as with each other?

Andy Hargreaves presents inspiring examples of innovative and effective teacher collaboration from all over the world so that you can learn how to help your teachers collaborate differently and more effectively.
This workshop will incorporate what Andy describes as the “Four B’s” of transferring innovative designs effectively from one place to many others.
  • Before – how long did it take the principal to get the school to a point where it could innovate effectively?
  • Betwixt – what others things such as cultures of trust happen elsewhere in the school in ways that support particular innovative designs?
  • Beyond – how is the school connected to other schools locally and globally to give and get good ideas?
  • Beside – what does the “system” do – whether it is a government or a network – to help and not hinder schools in their innovative and collaborative efforts?
In addition the “Ten Tenets” of “collaborative professionalism” of innovative schools will be set out.
This is not just a workshop on professional collaboration but rather is about how to collaborate differently, better, and well, by looking at some of the most innovative examples of teacher collaboration and innovation from across the world

Thursday March 7, 2019 9:00am - 4:00pm


Implementing Action Research to Better Understand Change Initiatives [TICKETED EVENT]
This day long workshop is focused on the needs of school leaders and teachers who are interested in measuring and monitoring change initiatives.  It will guide participants through the action research cycle.

The action recycle includes clarifying a vision, articulating a theory of change, implementing action/collecting data, and reflecting on the process / informed action.  Participants will walk through diagnosing the problem, collecting reconnaissance data, planning for the intervention, acting on the intervention, evaluating the efforts, and monitoring the results.

Based on action research principles and best practices, participants will be lead through examples of what other schools, leaders, and teachers have done with action research. The purpose of analyzing the examples is to better understand the affordances of action research in practice.

Resources will be provided so that participants can take the ideas, tools, and techniques back to their own school to implement immediately. Bring a few ideas of problems or initiatives to which you want to measure, monitor, and improve! Thus, please come to this session with an intervention in mind. Ideally, this will be an intervention that your school is thinking about or currently doing. We will create a research plan that will help you (and other stakeholders of the school) better understand how to plan, monitor, and evaluate interventions.

avatar for Jayson Richardson

Jayson Richardson

Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership Studies, University of Kentucky

Thursday March 7, 2019 9:00am - 4:00pm


Library Preconference with Stefanie Gaspari (TICKETED EVENT)
Join Stefanie for a day of learning through multiple workshop sessions as well as opportunities for sharing between librarians.

The day will be divided into three phases:

Focus on disruption – mostly experiential and will cover student experience and how to use events to boost engagement with library services

Building a culture of reading – sharing findings of active research project currently underway at TGS (semi lecture). Reading support strategies – examples mapped to research and opportunity for participants to plan takeaways (hands-on/interactive)

Librarian of the the future: panel focusing on the librarian of the future and examine the changing role of school librarians and the librarian as a leader and influencer in bridging the gaps of disconnected and silo learning.  

Focus: K-12 Teacher Librarians/Librarians

avatar for Stefanie Gaspari

Stefanie Gaspari

Director of Library Services, Trinity Grammar School
Stefanie is an eternal optimist, a passionate educator and self-confessed bookworm.An advocate for ‘all things library’, she is curious about big ideas, learning spaces and the future of information in the digital age.Stefanie currently leads a cross-campus library team in designing... Read More →

Thursday March 7, 2019 9:00am - 4:00pm


Serious Fun: An Experiential Framework To Build Connections in Your Classroom (TICKETED EVENT)
The science is in: educational programs which intentionally develop trusting & healthy relationships out-perform all other curricula on so many levels – greater participation, improve academic performance, stronger communities & extremely happy students.

If this is what you’re looking for, this pre-conference Masterclass is for you.

Fun group games & activities are one of the most powerful (and attractive) ways to help people connect, and strong relationships amplify the results of whatever you’re trying to get done (no matter your content.)

This NEW, highly-interactive workshop will guide you through a sequence of presentations, discussions and incredibly fun group activities in which you will learn:
  • The three universal truths of programming & the impact these have on the success of your curriculum;
  • The latest research which proves that inviting students to play, share, trust and build connections is critical to their long-term success.
  • Dozens of new, innovative & highly enjoyable activities which you can immediately integrate into your setting which invite students to connect to one another & build harmonious classrooms;
  • Simple, yet powerful, four-step sequential framework that is proven to create remarkably fun programs; and
  • Critical program leadership skills to help you inspire, equip & empower your group to be the best it can be.

avatar for Mark Collard

Mark Collard

Mark Collard is an experiential trainer, speaker & author. As founder of playmeo, he is best known for developing the world's largest online database of group games & activities. He is passionate about helping groups discover the value of connecting before content. Schools engage... Read More →

Thursday March 7, 2019 9:00am - 4:00pm


The 8 Principles of Accelerated Learning [TICKETED EVENT]
How to increase learner engagement, create effective learner retention and have fun doing it!

This is a future oriented workshop focused on helping educators transform their students into more effective learners. You’ll discover how to change passive learners into active doers who take charge of their own learning and create retention of this learning for themselves and others.

You will discover how applying the 8 guiding principles of Accelerated Learning to your lesson design and classroom delivery will transform your classroom from teacher-centric to learner-centric. The idea is to shift your role from a focus on disseminating information to providing an environment in which learners can create their own knowledge or discover it through innovative means.

After attending this dynamic and action-oriented workshop, you will fully understand the 8 AL Principles, the impact each principle has on learning effectiveness and take-away tons of activity ideas for applying the Principles to your classroom!

avatar for Melanie Martinelli

Melanie Martinelli

Co-Founder & Director, The Learning Gym
I'm a specialist in Learning Solutions and passionate about researching and implementing latest and most relevant trends in the L&D industry. A learning professional at heart and an entrepreneur in my mindset, I just started a new venture along with two like-minded friends and colleagues... Read More →

Thursday March 7, 2019 9:00am - 4:00pm
N206 2nd Floor, Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre