The 21st Century Learning Conference is an annual event in Hong Kong where teachers, staff, and school leaders come together to learn, share and discuss current & emerging topics in education with thought leaders, technology, and learning experts, and their peers. With over 650 attendees from 33 countries, it is the event of choice for a diverse international audience. The event blends together inspirational keynotes, practitioner-led workshop sessions, and fun networking opportunities.

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Friday, March 8

8:30am +07

Opening Keynote: Embedding Character Strengths in Your School
Knowing and utilizing what is right with you! 
How could knowing and utilising your own strengths and the strengths of those around you transform your school and your teaching practice? This keynote presentation will explore the language and framework of the VIA Character Strength classification, and how these can be applied and embedded in a school setting.
Delegates will gain an understanding of ideas on how character can be learned, practiced and cultivated.  Practice wisdom, including mistakes, challenges and successes from ten years of implementing a strengths-based approach at Geelong Grammar School will also be shared with the audience.
Justin Robinson is the Director of the Institute of Positive Education.  In the past five years, this Institute has assisted thousands of educators from around the world to know their character strengths and to harness them for the good of society.  The Institute hopes that schools will embrace a common language of character strengths to help support students to nurture healthy relationships, foster resilience and increase engagement.

avatar for Justin	Robinson

Justin Robinson

Director of the Institute of Positive Education (IPE), Geelong Grammar School
I am passionate about nurturing student and staff wellbeing and enabling schools to become flourishing communities. For the past ten years, our team at Geelong Grammar School have been implementing and sustaining Positive Education. For the past years, our Institute has been supporting... Read More →

Friday March 8, 2019 8:30am - 9:10am +07

12:30pm +07

Keynote: Connection Before Content
Research shows that the most successful programs in the world are those which intentionally develop positive & trusting relationships among their participants. Longitudinal studies also show that one of the most powerful factors which determine a young person's success in life is their ability to form and sustain healthy relationships, six times more powerful than gaining a high (Year 12) score at the conclusion of their formal studies. This interactive, fun and inspiring keynote (playnote) presentation will share some of the latest research which underpins the critical role building connections and related social skills has on a student's wellbeing. Mark's message will cause delegates to shift their understanding of the purpose of school - is it to prepare students for a life of tests, or to prepare them for the test of life. Mark will offer an engaging & powerful philosophical framework within which students are invited to play, share, trust and, most importantly, flourish.

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Mark Collard

Mark Collard is an experiential trainer, speaker & author. As founder of playmeo, he is best known for developing the world's largest online database of group games & activities. He is passionate about helping groups discover the value of connecting before content. Schools engage... Read More →

Friday March 8, 2019 12:30pm - 1:30pm +07
  Keynote, Keynote

3:15pm +07

Keynote: Understanding School Leadership Through Frames
In this session, we will break down school leadership issues by the four frames detailed by Bolman and Deal. Those are political, human resources, symbolic, and structural. We will dissect real problems using these frames to better understand how change occurs and what roadblocks might be present. This session will be useful for leaders, middle leaders, and teachers who are interested in leadership and change.

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Jayson Richardson

Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership Studies, University of Kentucky

Friday March 8, 2019 3:15pm - 4:15pm +07

4:45pm +07

Closing Keynote: Collaborative Professionalism: the next educational frontier
Collaboration is the new chorus line of educational improvement.  Whether teachers should collaborate is no longer an issue. Any profession worthy of its name depends upon people sharing their knowledge and expertise. The key question now is what are better and worse ways to collaborate? How do we design collaboration? What do we know about the relative merits of professional learning communities, lesson study, data teams, or school networks, for example? And how do we take promising designs from one place and use them effectively in another?
In this keynote, based on his Spring 2018 book, Andy Hargreaves will inspire us not just to collaborate, but drawing on his research on different ways of collaborating in the US and four other countries, he will show us how to collaborate effectively with depth, focus, boldness and purpose.

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Dr. Andy Hargreaves

President of the International Congress of School Effectiveness & Improvement, Boston College
Dr. Andy Hargreaves is the President of the International Congress of School Effectiveness & Improvement and is is known as one of the top global thought leaders in education. He is the former Thomas More Brennan Chair of Education at the Lynch School of Education at Boston College.Andy... Read More →

Friday March 8, 2019 4:45pm - 5:30pm +07
Saturday, March 9

8:45am +07

21CLHK Talks - A Series of Short Keynotes
Drones in Education - The American International School of Guangzhou

The AISG Drone Club started with four students in 2015. By 2018, 54 students participate in weekly in filming with drones, racing drones and even building drones. Hear from the students themselves their passion for this burgeoning area and explore the question - is Drone literacy a 21st Century literacy?

The Language of Friendship
For children, the social dynamics of a class can make or break a school year. Friendships have a huge
impact on learning and the wellbeing of students, parents, and teachers.

In this keynote presentation, Dana Kerford will introduce educators to URSTRONG’s unique language,
skills, and strategies that they can use in their classrooms. Using kid-friendly terminology, educators will learn a simple framework for guiding students towards conflict-resolution and healthy relationships.With 10 years devoted to studying childhood friendships, Dana hopes to empower educators to improve the social climate in their classrooms and inspire kinder school cultures.

The Future of Learning is Virtual
Paola Paulino is a far future innovator turned XR visionary for international education. She started her immersive technology career at Microsoft Studios. Paola is part of the first group of people to pioneer experiential design and hardware development for Mixed Reality. She founded #isnsVR, one of the first high-end VR/AR Immersive Technology Pilot programs for international K-12 education in Asia.  

Following the success of this program, Paulino founded the Global VR/AR Association - Shenzhen, she was selected to be the first Ambassador for #VRwomen Asia and founded XR Pioneer Ltd., a Hong Kong/Shenzhen based educational technology solutions company built to serve cutting edge and meaningful tech integration experiences in education.

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David Navis

Innovation and Design Thinking, American International School of Guangzhou
I am the Innovation and Design Thinking teacher and coach for Middle School at the American International School in Guangzhou China. I am an Apple Distinguished Educator. I love pushing the envelope, thinking outside the box. I sponsor the Drone and STEAM clubs at school. My hobbies... Read More →
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Paola Paulino

Chief Innovation Director, XR Pioneer Ltd.
Paola Paulino is a far future innovator turned XR visionary for international education. She started her immersive technology career at Microsoft Studios. Paola is part of the first group of people to pioneer experiential design and hardware development for Mixed Reality on Microsoft’s... Read More →
avatar for Dana Kerford

Dana Kerford

Dana is a Teacher, Friendship Expert, and the Founder of URSTRONG. Pop by our table or come say, "Hi!" Would love to meet you!

Saturday March 9, 2019 8:45am - 9:45am +07
  Keynote, Keynote

10:05am +07

Keynote and Fireside Chat with Juan Pablo
Juan Pablo Romero Fuentes was born in Jocotenango, Guatemala and started Los Patojos at the age of 21. As a self-taught educator and social entrepreneur, he grew Los Patojos from a small community program in his parent’s home to a community center, health clinic, and school educating over 300 children and providing jobs to 50 people daily.

In 2014, Juan Pablo was honored as a Top 10 CNN Hero for his unwavering commitment to create change in Guatemala and beyond. He’s currently working to open a new campus that provides a pipeline of workforce development opportunities for his students. Juan Pablo says his job is to create safe environments and build pathways to dignity and lifelong change for all Guatemalans.

In this session Juan Pablo will deliver a short keynote address and then have a fireside chat with Michael Boll. 

avatar for Michael Boll

Michael Boll

Director of Learning & PD, 21st Century Learning international
Michael is a passionate educator who loves helping students, educators and parents to harness the transformative powers of technology. He is also the co-founder and former board chair of an inclusive preschool, SHINE Academy, a regular Podcaster and a highly experienced Technology... Read More →
avatar for ​Juan Pablo Romero Fuentes

​Juan Pablo Romero Fuentes

Leadership / Administration, Los Patojos
Meet CNN Hero Juan Pablo Romero Fuentes.Juan Pablo started Los Patojos (LP) in his parents' house and grew it into a community center and school educating hundreds of students. He is now building an innovative campus with incubation labs, horticulture programs, culinary arts, and more. Hear how he’s shaping the future of Guatemala’s children by... Read More →

Saturday March 9, 2019 10:05am - 11:05am +07

3:55pm +07

Rethinking risk: Are children too safe for their own good (Closing Keynote)
Examines the evidence around the importance of risky play, what the most common fears are that prevent adults from letting kids do this play, myth-busting around injury statistics and dangers, and strategies for change.

avatar for Dr. Mariana Brussoni

Dr. Mariana Brussoni

Associate Professor, University of British Columbia in Canada
Dr. Mariana Brussoni is an Associate Professor in the Department of Pediatrics and the School of Population and Public Health at the University of British Columbia in Canada. She is an investigator with the British Columbia Children’s Hospital Research Institute and the British... Read More →

Saturday March 9, 2019 3:55pm - 4:25pm +07