The 21st Century Learning Conference is an annual event in Hong Kong where teachers, staff, and school leaders come together to learn, share and discuss current & emerging topics in education with thought leaders, technology, and learning experts, and their peers. With over 650 attendees from 33 countries, it is the event of choice for a diverse international audience. The event blends together inspirational keynotes, practitioner-led workshop sessions, and fun networking opportunities.

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Saturday, March 9

2:45pm +07

Students at the Heart of School Transformation
Students at the Heart of Transformation

Does student leadership play a role in school transformation?

After five years partnering with Malaysian public schools to drive school transformation, it became clear that students need to be at the heart of changes in teaching and learning. Providing 21st Century teaching and learning requires practitioners who understand student leadership skills and can integrate the development of such skills into daily learning both inside and outside the classroom. We created tools and enabled teachers to develop their skills alongside the students through hands on implementation. We wanted teachers and students to experience the leadership journey together. While the support was structured, the focus was on teacher and student empowerment, innovation and partnership. This project helped to encourage teachers to overcome their own beliefs about the role students play in driving sustainable transformation.

The student leadership project focused on:

• Identifying a core set of student leadership competencies
• Developing a framework for developing skills
• Facilitating continuous student self-reflection
• Developing strategies to integrate leadership skills into curriculum
• Measuring and evaluating the development of student leadership skills

Join us to find out what we learned and how we are integrating these learnings into our current practices. 


Emily Due

Senior Specialists, Programme Design and Development, LeapEd Services

Judy Meiners

Specialist Programme Developer, LeapEd Services

Saturday March 9, 2019 2:45pm - 3:45pm +07

2:45pm +07

Digital Citizenship through Music History
A step-by-step guide to introducing digital citizenship through a unit of study on music history. Participants will work through one model of how to introduce and reinforce copyright and fair use to students as they work through questions on a research template on the Baroque Period of Music. Other concepts introduced and reinforced include teacher dashboard, footnotes, bibliography, giving credit, searching for photographs, videos and quotes that are copyright free, inserting photos and videos into a slides presentation, and the use of google explore. The final product is a slides presentation on the Baroque Period of music, including photos and video clips.

Slides from this presentation is available here.

avatar for Akio Iida

Akio Iida

Learning Innovation Coach, Chinese International School
Akio Iida is in his fourth year teaching at Chinese International School, second year as a Learning Innovation Coach. Prior to joining CIS, Akio taught in Seoul and New York. His goal has been to encourage meaningful uses of technology, and giving students ownership over their learning... Read More →
avatar for Forrest	Morr

Forrest Morr

Music Teacher, Chinese International School

Saturday March 9, 2019 2:45pm - 3:45pm +07

2:45pm +07

Forty-Eight Things Which Enhance Teacher & Student Creativity: A Co-Creative Workshop Using an Analogue ‘MethodKit’ for Creative Planning Processes
Participants will:
  • Experience a fast-paced, co-creative planning process, which is stylistically different from much traditional departmental planning.
  • Gain exposure to current creativity theory for education, specifically inhibiting and promoting factors.
  • Meet and work intensively with a cross-curricular group
  • Consider different ways of approaching collaborative planning
  • Understand that analogue toolkits are effective planning tools, which induce flow states, promote engagement and produce practical next steps.
  • Experience the joy of co-creativity in a diverse group.

avatar for Phil Morgan

Phil Morgan

Director of Creativity, International College Hong Kong (ICHK)
I live for 'Aha'! moments and am interested in the conditions and practices which promote co-creativity. I design tools and processes that enhance our capacity for creative thought. I am also a Lego Serious Play facilitator, a methodology which can be used for group aspirational... Read More →

Saturday March 9, 2019 2:45pm - 3:45pm +07

2:45pm +07

Create Digital books with Pages
Did you know students can share their learning and understanding using drawing and mind map on Pages on iPad and Mac? In this interactive workshop participants will be actively involved in creating their very own book using Pages. They will explore the creative and practical elements of the app using an iPad, as well as some fantastic new features and ideas which make book creation simple and easy for students. Participants will leave with a greater understanding of how students can create and share their learning with iPad and MacBook. 

avatar for Mandy Hollingshead

Mandy Hollingshead

Music Teacher, American School Hong Kong
avatar for Coby Reynolds

Coby Reynolds

Grade 5 Teacher, The Independent Schools Foundation Academy
Coby is a primary school teacher from originally from Australia. He has been working as an international educator for since 2012 in the UAE and now in Hong Kong and has over 10 years of teaching experience.With a passion for education and technology, he completed his Masters of Education... Read More →

Saturday March 9, 2019 2:45pm - 3:45pm +07

2:45pm +07

Getting Hyped for HyperDocs
Hyperdocs? Hyperdocs! Hyperdocs are not merely digital worksheets. Nor are they similar to
WebQuests. Hyperdocs are transformative and interactive online documents (e.g. Google Docs) that replace traditional worksheets. In essence, Hyperdocs are well suited for creating inquiry-based lessons which enable students to learn through the exploration of a topic. They are less about the design, but more about the delivery of the lesson and the content we want our students to learn.

In this session, we will explore the theory behind Hyperdocs and what differentiates Hyperdocs from digital worksheets and WebQuests. Afterwards, participants will deepen their understanding of the seven steps (engage, explore, explain, apply, share, reflect, and extend) that are incorporated in a successful Hyperdoc and gain some insights in which other online educational tools might be useful to include in these steps.

avatar for Ralph Emmerink

Ralph Emmerink

Teacher, Xiamen International School
@ralphemmerinkMYP teacher / Xiamen International School

Saturday March 9, 2019 2:45pm - 3:45pm +07
N204 2nd Floor, Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre

2:45pm +07

VR/AR Exploration Experience Room
You have heard the buzzwords AR/VR and perhaps even read about their potential for education. However, you don't really understand the potential until you've experienced it. Drop in and experience the learning applications of a VR Technology. HTC Vive and even the Magic Leap are there for you to try with guided support from experts. Access is first come first served and time with devices will be determined by demand. Provided by XR Pioneer 

avatar for Paola Paulino

Paola Paulino

Chief Innovation Director, XR Pioneer Ltd.
Paola Paulino is a far future innovator turned XR visionary for international education. She started her immersive technology career at Microsoft Studios. Paola is part of the first group of people to pioneer experiential design and hardware development for Mixed Reality on Microsoft’s... Read More →

Saturday March 9, 2019 2:45pm - 3:45pm +07

2:45pm +07

Booksigning with Candy Fleming and Eric Rohmann
An opportunity to meet Eric and Candy and get one of their books signed.


Candace Fleming

Children's Author
avatar for Eric Rohmann

Eric Rohmann

Author & Illustrator, Keynote Presenter
Caldecott Medalist, Eric Rohmann, is the author and illustrator of many beloved children's books. He has worked collaboratively as illustrator with award winning authors, including Lois Lowry and conference keynote, Candace Fleming.

Saturday March 9, 2019 2:45pm - 3:45pm +07
N104 Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

2:45pm +07

Design Thinking in the Classroom: Empowering Students Through Inquiry and Creative Practices
Learn about the empowering capabilities of modeling and teaching the design thinking process and mindsets to your students. Unleash their creativity and confidence to tackle real world problems and improve real world experiences. Design thinking (DT) is an iterative method and a way of thinking that focuses on human-centered design. This solution-thinking method is ideal for project-based learning and STEM projects because it equips students with the toolkit to generate innovative solutions.

Participants in this session will:
  • Learn about the DT process and its mindsets that empower students to become creative, empathetic problem solvers.
  • Learn about real projects where students used the DT method to bring positive change to people and their community.
  • Learn the process of developing a high-quality DT project.

avatar for David Lee

David Lee

Design Innovation Specialist, Singapore American School
I am currently the elementary Design Innovation Specialist at Singapore American School in Singapore. My responsibility at the school is to facilitate educators in integrating STEM subject areas meaningfully and purposefully into their curriculum to increase learner engagement and... Read More →

Saturday March 9, 2019 2:45pm - 3:45pm +07

2:45pm +07

Make it Graphic: Digital Design Skills for Students
Do you ever ask your students to share their learning visually (book, poster, digital presentation, etc.) and find that they present disorganized, messy, or poorly designed final products? I know I have certainly been in this situation! 

In this session, you'll learn the benefits of teaching students basic design skills to enhance how they show their learning. We will focus on the CARP design principles, the do's and don'ts of digital design, and learn some amazing apps and websites that will fill your teacher toolbox. The information in this session will apply to all grade levels, but the tools shared would be appropriate for students in upper elementary, middle, and high school.

avatar for Tanya LeClair

Tanya LeClair

Elementary School Innovation Coach, American International School of Guangzhou

Saturday March 9, 2019 2:45pm - 3:45pm +07

2:45pm +07

STEM: Beyond the Acronym
How can you build a bespoke STEM curriculum that works for your students in your context? How can you utilize student leadership, choice and reflection? What are the keys skills you are aiming to develop and deliver? A helpful guide to building STEM courses, projects and curriculum that ads value to your students and to your school. 

avatar for Natalie Stevens

Natalie Stevens

Head of Technology, Dulwich College (Beijing)
Hi i'm Nat, originally from London, currently teaching in Beijing. I am a product design specialist but have taught lots of different design and computer science stands and courses throughout my career. In my current role we have been developing our own design centered curriculum... Read More →

Saturday March 9, 2019 2:45pm - 3:45pm +07
  STEAM & MakerEd, 1 Hour Workshop

2:45pm +07

Tinkering in the Maker-Centered Classroom
Maker-centered learning is a key component of innovative educational practices, but how do we take our students from making “stuff” to carefully considering design and function in a meaningful way? This workshop will utilize tinkering (taking electronics apart) in the classroom to foster design-thinking skills in our students. Hands-on engagement with the hardware of technology, or tinkering, enables learners to discover how technology works (or doesn’t) and how its parts are connected to wider systems. Participants in this session will get to experience tinkering firsthand and walk away with ideas to help get them started on tinkering in their own classrooms.

This session is for people that are somewhat familiar with the concept of maker education and are looking to expand their understanding and practices through tinkering. These practices are appropriate for all levels of students from early childhood up to high school.

View our presentation here: Tinkering in the Maker-Centered Classroom

avatar for Amy Lee

Amy Lee

Grade 1 Teacher, American International School of Guangzhou
I currently teach first grade and love all the opportunities to integrate technology tools and apply computational thinking across the curriculum to ignite creative thinking. I would love to talk to people who are familiar with the application Seesaw or ways to document students... Read More →
avatar for Katie	Robbins

Katie Robbins

Grade 3 Teacher, American International School of Guangzhou

Saturday March 9, 2019 2:45pm - 3:45pm +07

2:45pm +07

Transforming Math Class
How do you create room for student's opinions, beliefs, and perspectives in a math class and still teach content? It's time to move beyond questions that Siri can answer and let your students delve into real mathematics - explore, build, think, draw, and talk about deep mathematical concepts. Participants will have a chance to experience math in new ways. They will learn how to stop teaching math and instead, start creating space to learn math. 


Saturday March 9, 2019 2:45pm - 3:45pm +07

2:45pm +07

#DESC: Transforming Your Practice with Social Media
Join me in exploring the power of Twitter and other social media platforms, and how boosting your PLN (Professional Learning Network) can have a direct impact in transforming your practice. We will learn the concept of #DESC (Deprivatize | Empower | Share | Connect) by exploring Twitter and going over how to write a ‘good tweet/micro-blog post’, giving traction to a classroom/school hashtag, and strengthening collaborative relationships through sharing practices.   Note: Come ready to set up a social media account (Twitter, Instagram, WeChat, Snapchat, etc) to get the full session experience!

For session materials, follow me on Twitter @cecigomez_g

avatar for Ceci	Gomez-Galvez

Ceci Gomez-Galvez

EAL Teacher & Coach, Shekou International School
Ceci is a collaborator, co-teacher and coach who empowers educators to create learning opportunities to suit all language learners' needs. She has been the leader of an ELL support program based on support practices within a sheltered immersion philosophy and the use of differentiation... Read More →

Saturday March 9, 2019 2:45pm - 3:45pm +07